To, Me

Tell me.
When you thought,
You Liked it.
You Smiled for it.
You Pursued it.
You Got it.

And now Tell me,
When you realised,
You didn’t Want it.
You didn’t Feel it.
You didn’t Need it.
You Left it.

Published by Sarvagya


21 thoughts on “To, Me

  1. aching pain
    like you abruptly slapping my cheek
    the moment I realize
    You took what was freely given
    manipulated it to fit your need
    then left it there on display for the world
    to view the scarred mound
    of what once was my heart

    Love your poem Sarvagya, it inspired me to write a response!
    Keep on writing!

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  2. To some the conquest is all. They are empty shells who will never know the deeper joy that lies beyond the ephemeral quickening of an orgasm as that requires commitment, selflessness, and the making of a real connection to another human being. Pity them. Avoid them. They have nothing of lasting value to offer–only pain.

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    1. Yes, I see the people you’re referring to, but sometimes just sometimes… what happens is that people misunderstand a normal good friendship as a romance and they pursue it or maybe try to get it, but when they do get it, they realize that they took the bond wrongly. You know, and then they break it off, because now when you’ve realized it’s not what it seemed to be, it’s better to fix the mistake.

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      1. Ah, I misunderstood the thrust of your poem. Love of friendship and romantic love can absolutely result in painful mistakes that can sometimes last a lifetime. Wise are those who can recognize the difference and address it in time before real harm is done to both parties. Again, nicely done despite my misreading.

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        1. What you wrote about and viewed it as has actually given me another inspiration to write about, so really Thank you, 🙌🏻🙌🏻 I honestly, really appreciate it


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