To, Being BornFree

Sitting under a tree,
Probably watching the eagles,
Tears were rolling down my eyes
And for a very deep reason.

THIS time it had burst out,
THIS time I was loud.
People heard Drama brewing,
Hence, everybody started to gather around.

I didn’t say a word,
And so the crowd started to wander off.
Most of them were just curious men,
But only one was humble enough.

He came and sat next to me,
On the elevated turf.
He saw me when he was exciting,
That small White church.

I realised I wanted to talk now,
About my mom, and my dad.
The things they had done to me,
Oh, how I loathed them.

The humble man asked, after a pause,
“Would you like to talk to me?’
All I said was – “You don’t know how lucky you are,
That you were BORN FREE.”

He asked me tenderly,
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
I said – “I was sold to a guy,
During my Mom’s Pregnancy.”

Published by Sarvagya


12 thoughts on “To, Being BornFree

  1. For anyone wondering, this is pure fiction, the thought just came in my head. This is not based on my story, I’m very lucky to have gotten everything I could’ve hoped for 🙌🏻✨

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