R-11 On, The Zeal to Live

There’s a particular genre of movies in which the main theme is that ‘you gotta love life while it’s still happening.’ They start with this healthy person who finds out they’re gonna die, or with this kid who has a disease by birth. They always have dark humor because… it’s okay for the person withContinue reading “R-11 On, The Zeal to Live”

To, the Garden of Life

There’s flowers in a garden, There’s a bunch of them, I see. I plucked one always, Not to seem too lonely. Paths crossed ahead and a Smile appeared, Wider than one I’d ever seen. Now, I wasn’t so lonely, This time I got company. These are fiction words, Please, Read the lines deeply. I wantContinue reading “To, the Garden of Life”

To, Being BornFree

Sitting under a tree, Probably watching the eagles, Tears were rolling down my eyes And for a very deep reason. THIS time it had burst out, THIS time I was loud. People heard Drama brewing, Hence, everybody started to gather around. I didn’t say a word, And so the crowd started to wander off. MostContinue reading “To, Being BornFree”

R-3 On, Whalien 52

There is a whale out there, that calls at the frequency of 52 hertz. So, for those who don’t know, that’s too high, for whales. Therefore, It’s been described as the World’s Loneliest Whale. So, it swims alone. Alone in the vast vast ocean. Hoping that someday, another will answer. That maybe someday, finally aContinue reading “R-3 On, Whalien 52”

To, The Street Light

In front of my house, I see A flickering light on the street. Like different moods of a human being, It’s intensity to flicker, Varies. Sometimes it’s Fast and Bright. Like it’s Joyous and Happy. Sometimes it’s Low and Lazy. Like, the Day wasn’t the Best, It’s Seen. And Like, No-one complains about it. BeacauseContinue reading “To, The Street Light”

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