To, the Garden of Life

There’s flowers in a garden, There’s a bunch of them, I see. I plucked one always, Not to seem too lonely. Paths crossed ahead and a Smile appeared, Wider than one I’d ever seen. Now, I wasn’t so lonely, This time I got company. These are fiction words, Please, Read the lines deeply. I wantContinue reading “To, the Garden of Life”

To, GenZ

A 20 year old, I see. Sitting quietly, Seeming at Peace. Thinking, Of the future, diving into dreams. Of the money, they must make. Soon, probably. Thinking, Of all the responsibilities, Waiting on the doorstep, Breaking and entering. Because they’re not ready. Thinking, Of the friends, About to loose to the chase. Of the competition,Continue reading “To, GenZ”

R-5 On, A Monologue

On, Graduation The day was not normal. It had an air of revelation. And, Kushagra was ready. Today was the day, of their Graduation. And the Confident, Best Boy, College President, the favorite Kushagra Dhiman was picked to be the Class speaker. It was not a shocker. The shock was the speech, he was aboutContinue reading “R-5 On, A Monologue”

R-3 On, Whalien 52

There is a whale out there, that calls at the frequency of 52 hertz. So, for those who don’t know, that’s too high, for whales. Therefore, It’s been described as the World’s Loneliest Whale. So, it swims alone. Alone in the vast vast ocean. Hoping that someday, another will answer. That maybe someday, finally aContinue reading “R-3 On, Whalien 52”

R-2 On, Mediocrity

We as a generation made failure, okay. Made, loneliness, cool. Made losing, fine. We made depression, a constant. Hear me out. In a way this was a very big stepping stone. Yes, we needed to normalise failure. Thank the Lord, for taking that pressure off the youth. Yes, we needed to make a conversation aboutContinue reading “R-2 On, Mediocrity”

To, The Lion

All the houses will be, Half way up the stream. Wealth will be distributed, And everyone will have a piece. All shall have Healthcare. All shall be Free. Everyone would be Educated, There will be Equality. All would have Resources, And all would have the Police. True Justice, the Court Justice, Would actually be aContinue reading “To, The Lion”

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