R-11 On, The Zeal to Live

There’s a particular genre of movies in which the main theme is that ‘you gotta love life while it’s still happening.’ They start with this healthy person who finds out they’re gonna die, or with this kid who has a disease by birth.

They always have dark humor because… it’s okay for the person with the disease to say it. They can make jokes on it, that’s how they maybe get by. There’s a trip or a revisit to the ties one has broken to family. Because life is too short to hold grudges and there’s a lot you wanted to do which you didn’t so now they’ve all found this zeal to actually live and not survive.

This nature. That just when something is about to get out of reach, we leap for it. And realise how important it actually is to us.

The main thing that hits, when I watch these movies is this human tendency to only make a move when the train is just about to run out. So, now I figured out why this occurs because maybe, when the end is near we see clear that really… Really after Death, there is Nothing. And I think we need to stress on this a lot more, There’s. Nothing.

This need to provide meaning, to the ‘life worth dying for’. As if up there somebody would judge us, asking if we did something worthwhile down there. Understand it. After Death there’s just Nothing.
So, Live.

Until, the next life.

Published by Sarvagya


5 thoughts on “R-11 On, The Zeal to Live

  1. Ah, the eternal question! No answers here but it’s something I think about – and read about – quite a lot. Most recent question in my mind – what about great music and art and poetry? Why does this human animal reach for the sublime?

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