R-12 On, Family Gatherings

Tell me about family gatherings
Will ya?
This will be the positives. Not the casual sexism, or the fights stuff. The good bits, happy times.

I stay away from home, I visit like once a year and let me tell you, as a kid I may have despised the gatherings a little, but living alone in the wilderness bought the warmth back.

Since, my childhood our family and two others have always hung out together, always. They planned trips, they met once a fortnight, it was a blast. They were family. They are family.

So, since it’s not blood relations now, it’s even more fun. Because it’s the family we chose. I love trips. I love hanging out. I love going out. Putting songs up in the car on a road trip, is a dream to me. Doing a Bonfire under the stars, heat from the fire on the arms, it’s Magical.

The moon shines brighter, the air is swifter and the moods are high. The sarcasm from everywhere, And the fact that you live away only makes these much more pleasing. You cherish Every moment.

And I think that’s because going out, meeting the ones you love and admire, being together comes as a change in the constant weather

A new adventure, a ripple in the straight line that is life as we make it.

And, we must always keep reinventing, for the sake of living. For, if not that, we might as well be dead, don’t you think.

Until, the next Ripple.

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8 thoughts on “R-12 On, Family Gatherings

  1. Bad news is that I don´t have a blood family now or maybe good to tell you the truth, but as you said something to the effect of not having a blood family yet having a family, my choice and theirs to become friends and help each other out when necessary.

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  2. I hope you all know, dear reader, that my rants are just simple conversations, thoughts, and randomness. It just is something I like to share rather than just letting it sit in the notes of my phone forever. Nothing more, and nothing less. So, I hope you don’t get disappointed. ✨


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