R-13 On, Teacher’s Day

I mean, obviously. This had to be the one today.

There’s a pandemic going on and one of the most important professions in our lives is still overlooked. Point to me one industry during this crisis that has more quickly adopted to change, supported those vulnerable and served the community at large.

Half of our teachers were never trained to teach in a manner that does not exercise face to face interaction, yet they’re trying so hard.

They’re making content that is not only essential but Engaging as well. They’re trying to manage behaviors, make lesson plans, assess your submissions; all of this through a screen they don’t yet know how to even fully operate;

Where we as students make it harder with our pranks. They’re struggling just so young minds do not starve off work. We just see them when they open that class online, and start the lecture what we fail to see is the effort that goes prior into the arrangement.

Teaching itself is a task hard enough. And we’re pretending as if they’re not doing it to the best of their capabilities, in times of a pandemic, as real for them as for you.

We need to be a little more empathetic. Do the prank, but don’t cross the line. Be laid back, but don’t be disrespectful. Give criticism on the time limit for the assignments, but be kind when you say it.

Say what you mean, don’t say it mean.

I myself started my online classes and trust me, they miss us too. I can see the genuine love when they ask “Can you all follow me, or am I too fast?” “Am I audible, can you see the board?”;

College feels empty without you all.

I was close to shedding a tear on that last one, myself. Mostly, because the professor who said it, shows genuine love and passion for his work. And it shows. So…

Treat them better.

Respect them more.

And most Importantly,
Love them with all your heart.

Until the next prank.

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8 thoughts on “R-13 On, Teacher’s Day

  1. Thank you for this post. My friends who are teachers are working so hard to do their best to help their students. I agree that they are not getting the support and respect that they deserve. EVERYONE has been affected by this pandemic. Students, teachers and parents/families. May we all give a little more support where it is needed. Blessings to all affected by this virus.

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