To, Temptations

The Poison of Love

It was just another day,
No lightning, No storm at bay.
The birds were chirping like always,
And the winds as usual sway.

I wore that jacket,
The worst one from the closet.
Those boots that weren’t polished,
And that loose cargo with pockets.

My hair was a mess,
And, I was already late.
The tangled locks trailed behind,
Complementing my hastened pace.

And that’s when we met,
Quite poetic and cliché.
You were on the door too,
Late, on this euphoric day.

Our eyes met.
No words spoken yet.
That sweet solemn touch,
I’ll never forget.

And then you smiled,
Don’t know why and I honestly don’t care.
I dread it that I smiled too,
For something changed in the air.

You see it was the Poison of Love,
And he bore the cup.
I drank and drank and drank,
It was just never enough.

Sooo contagious you made it,
Too sweet to bear.
Oh, Cupid why’d you tempt us?
Only to take one away somewhere.

To, Love

Love isn’t overrated

Just to get this out of the picture. I’m a girl, so the article may seem a little more heavy on her side to you. But, stick around.

The irony of loneliness is… We all feel it at the same time. We as a generation don’t get love anymore. Real love. It seems cool to make a meme online on being happy and single. It seems cool to make fun of any or all the couples out there. It makes us feel like we’re above all those who believe. Well, tough luck,

But… We’re all just pretending, man. I get it we can all be happy alone too. But, there’s so much more to be offered, if you just open up and accept. I mean, hear me out:

When he, gives you a rose, you’ll like it. When he, sits facing you on an a neutral activa and flicks your chin, you’ll like it. When he holds your hand, you’ll like it. When you slip your hands, on his waist while sitting behind him, for a backhug;
You’ll. Like. It.
And he’ll love it too.
So accept.

Love is the most spectacular, amazing unequivably unbelievable feeling in this world. Don’t waste your years, in this trend of pretending.
All of us always doubt, and doubt again. Nevertheless we still hope for a miracle. Because we’re all incomplete.

This Valentine’s Day, all I’d like to offer you,
Is accept. Accept that you do like it.
Because for me,

Everytime you call me names, it doesn’t make me them. But, Everytime I say I like you,

I like you.

To, A Mistake

So I found you with her today,
And yes I felt betrayed.
Beacsue I didn’t really move on,
From that passionate kiss we shared.

I guess you forgot,
The connection we had.
Maybe it was just never true,
And now I must live with this.

You see its wasn’t just the one thing,
It was this and All that,
You wouldn’t know, Oh! how could you
For you it was all just pretend.

I know I can’t forgive you,
By just a sorry if you say.
Neither the flowers nor the cards,
Can undo what you did.

I wish we had, I really do
I wish we had what it takes.
But, I know it now. I know better.
Then, to fall for this charade.

And so, I just can’t, I know I can’t.
Forgive you, for this Mistake.
I know I can’t, I just can’t
Forgive you ever again.

To, Success

The True meaning of success

From the day you were born you wanted to do something worthwhile. You wanted to make your stay known. Atleast that’s what we’re all taught. “Make a difference in the world. Be ‘successful’.”

For some it could mean being recognized in public. For others it could mean being rich and for some it could simply mean being happy. There is no definition of success, you can define it for yourselves.

Set a Goal. Anything you want to accomplish before you take your last breath. Anything you want to pursue. Anything that makes you happy. Anything you are passionate about. Set your Goal.

Commit. True success comes when you do whatever you’re doing with the most of your capabilities. True success comes when you are satisfied in your own self just the way you live your life. True success comes when you commit. You’ll never truly know if you can accomplish something or be great at something until you commit.

Lily Singh once said “I don’t want you to write a script just to see a movie get made. I want you to WIN an OSACR.”

I feel, All sucesss really means is
“The sense of Accomplishment.”

If you feel successfull with a low paycheck It’s fine. If you feel successfull with a higher one, good for you. As long as you’ve accomplished your goal, as long as you’re happy, as long as you did something even remotely helpful in adding to your happiness.

True success is being excellent at what you do.
True success is reaching your potential.
True success is your happiness and your happiness alone.

To, My Shape

Walking down the street,
The insecurity never leaves.
My face clearly shows the anxiety,
Constant eyes make me feel.

Because There’s this judgemental wall between us,
There’s this wall between them and me
This wall that can not be seen.
This was that never should be.

Remember when you decided to get that Hip haitrstyle,
Or when you decided to wear that hot red one piece,

Can you see those faces,
Can you feel those judgy eyes.
Why can’t we let everyone be.
Why do we repeat these stories.

He/ She doesn’t matter,
They all judge everyone equally.
They laugh and they giggle,
That’s just the way they’re going to be.

Beacsue. There’s this wall between us
That separates you and me.
There’s this wall between us.
This wall that never should be.

I am not playing the victim card here,
It’s just frustration and all my fears.
Bottled up for too long,
For too many years.

They’ve put up false facades,
We’re expected to maintain.
It’s high time we stop,
And change this little game.

Because there’s no Need for this wall.
Here between you and me.
This wall that never was.
This wall that never should be.

Tell them today,
And tell them loud and clear.
Do it for everything,
And anything you hold dear –

Because there may be this wall between us,
But it doesn’t Have to be.

” Say it along with me
Say it proudly.
There’s more I got to be.

My Shape is not me.

My shape is not me.

To, a ROSE

Following are simple lines,
They’re written as they mean.
There’s no deeper feeling (or is there?),
No ulterior dreams.

The weather was all Sun no gloom.
I met you there alone.
Denim jacket and white sneaker soles.
I’ve written the day on stone.

I woke up today to the same clouds,
As white and shiny as they are pure.
I wanted to find you the same flower,
But couldn’t find it in any store.

So, please accept just my words,
For this, Rose Day alone.
Next time I’ll get you a white rose
As white as snow adorned.

To, the Snakes

I knew it when I was down,
That’s really the only time you can.
I tried to pick myself up,
I tried to stand again.

You left me there, It was so dark.
Alone. All alone In the darkness.
Oh how humane! The actual fall hurt less,
Lesser than your treacherous prospect.

It was hard, very hard.
You see the betrayal was just too much.
You were selfish, too selfish,
No words can ever be enough.

It’s funny how you’re pretend nice now,
It’s hilarious how you talk at my back.
It’s downright comical that you think,
I’m unaware of these facts.

But. I stood up again,
That’s all that is relevant.
You can try and you can pretend,
But, you couldn’t break my strength.

You can’t rely on other people,
Not always. if you ever can,
I trusted in you then.
I guess, My Fault to comprehend.