R-7 On, Being Mean.

To write mean is so easy.

Pick a person. And you’ll be surprised how deeply offending you can be. Point out all the insecurities of the said person and you can have them crying inside and out if you’re good enough, in no time. It’s literally that easy. Making someone cry with compliments is a sight I’ve only seen on TV.

You can write a long mean paragraph on anyone. Even someone you met only for moments Because it’s said

When you meet someone for the first time, you’re most likely to remember their flaws, better than anything else.

I think we all need to maybe make Being Polite mainstream, maybe then people would follow it. The stature at which the Internet is at right now, is both very helpful but frightening at the same time. The kids are no doubt growing up in an age where Connectivity will never be a Hurdle.

But, they are also growing up in an age which is soooooo Toxic, that it’s literally Horrifying. I know we’ve all read this before but I mean, there’s a reason it keeps coming up, don’t you think?

You try playing even a random game with different people online and, They’ll start cursing you for having a kpop profile photo, soon as they start loosing. I mean, this is just an example but I feel you can get my point.

I’m not saying that cursing is a measure to Judge someone’s character. I curse too. (and, This is a whole other rant topic.) But, what I’m saying is we’ve made being toxic a neutral. When it shouldn’t be.

Texting Mean. Cursing on anything. Being Toxic. And covering it in the name of “This is my opinion and I get to voice it, if you hate social media so much, just get off it”, is Not. Okay.

Yes, it’s Your opinion. Own it, good for youuu. But your delivery can be a little softer, that’s all I’m trying to say. Be a little more Polite. You don’t have to pounce on an individual. If you have opinions, others do too. If you’re not going to change yours, just like that, they’re not going to change their’s either.

If you don’t agree with someone you don’t have to Cancel. Everyone’s. Valid.

There’s sooo much more, I want to say. But, I think I’ll try to keep this one shorter this time. It’s already gotten long enough.

Until, the next one.

To, the Garden of Life

There’s flowers in a garden,
There’s a bunch of them, I see.
I plucked one always,
Not to seem too lonely.
Paths crossed ahead and a Smile appeared,
Wider than one I’d ever seen.
Now, I wasn’t so lonely,
This time I got company.
These are fiction words,
Please, Read the lines deeply.
I want you to see, all that I actually mean.
It’s within you to find the smile,
Within you, to find Peace.
Pick the flower, you choose to be,
And the smile will appear, just believe.

I bought myself one flower, too.
One White rose precisely.
My smile, in turn, bought me,
My own garden.
My dream.
My Reality.

R-6 On, An Anthology

There are compilers, who make anthologies. Basically, a fancy word for a book. So, they have co-authors in it. And you send your poems to them, if they select it, they ask you to pay so that when the book is ready, they’ll send it to you.

I had sent two of my poems for them, and they got published. *pause for applause lol
Now, I was very hesitant to post anywhere about it online. Which is totally not how it should go. I should be moving mountains to brag about it. But, I just assumed people will just… I don’t know… Not support or something.

What if someone writes something mean? What if they feel, I’m showing off in high esteem? What if they call me out or mock my dream? What if? Maybe they go like, “It’s just a book, what’s she showing off about!”2 पोएम आयी नि प्रिन्ट होके, खुद को सेलिब्रिटी समझ रही है”
(She got 2 poems published and is acting like a celebrity)

I don’t know why I assumed the world to be so negative. (Now I have this answered too, but that is a whole other rant topic in itself!)

I told my closest circle about it obviously, and it felt amazing. They were sooo happy. They bragged about it to their friends, and nothing had ever felt so wholesome. My friends were proud man! They pushed me to be proud and share it everywhere. So, I did. And I’m so happy I listened to them.

Because, I saw many people cared. Not just the ones I count. The world is not all that bad. I was the problem. I was the negative one. Not everybody is trying to drag you down.

So, Believe. It’s important. The world is what you make of it. People do support. We’ve made not trusting people, cool. But, believe me, it’s not all bad if you actually open up.

Yes sometimes, it can go bad. But, you can’t just box yourself up. Life is all about ups AND the downs. You must have both. I learnt that.

May not seem much. Must’ve somewhere felt like an unnecessary story, but I believe it’s the little things. It’s always the little things. So, I just had to write it once, so that everytime I read it, it comes to me. And I believe.
Because it feels good.

Until, the next time I go all pessimistic.

To, GenZ

A 20 year old, I see.
Sitting quietly, Seeming at Peace.
Of the future, diving into dreams.
Of the money, they must make.
Soon, probably.

Of all the responsibilities,
Waiting on the doorstep, Breaking and entering.
Because they’re not ready.

Of the friends,
About to loose to the chase.
Of the competition,
In the cruel world that’s been made.

Of all that’s about to change.
From being taken care of soo well,
To being left In a maze.

But; I also see.
A strongness in the eyes,
Perseverance and courage,
A confidence, a fight.

A 20 year old, I see.
Sitting quietly still,
At Peace, surrounded by chaos.

R-5 On, A Monologue

On, Graduation

The day was not normal. It had an air of revelation. And, Kushagra was ready.

Today was the day, of their Graduation. And the Confident, Best Boy, College President, the favorite Kushagra Dhiman was picked to be the Class speaker. It was not a shocker. The shock was the speech, he was about to give.

On the podium, with everyone’s attention he was breathing fine. The eyes on him, only made him more confident, and he began, with a bam!

Greetings, fellow Batchmates! We’re here. All, hopeful of the next phase of our lives and how we’re all going to rule the world. All, looking forward to an exciting life, but also a life we have a control over.

But, before we go out there, I just wanted to stand here today and remind you of the purpose of life, One. Last. Time. So that, you don’t get to blame the society, or The gods, or the authorities, for not giving you One. Last. Sign.

Whatever you’ve chosen to become, I hope it’s what you actually want to be. For the Rest of your life. The whole. Because, I know I haven’t. Not unlike many others here. I know.

Whatever we have actually Chosen is based on fear disguised as Practicality. I mean look at us, I refuse to believe that literally all of us, Actually wanted to be an Engineer.

More than half of us, didn’t. Our actual dream was not this.

The Capital injects the morphine of Hope as collateral for Dreams. Capitalism takes them away, as we grow up and Money replaces what we strive for with the false promise of it being worth it.

Because, No matter what we all have in store for our future, the only, one, most important thing we all need is Stability. The insurance of safety. And that is why more than half of us went through with the 4 years of turmoil and pain, that was this degree. (excluding those who actually did want an Engineer’s degree.)

So, today on our Graduation, I want to congratulate you, Dear Warrior. For completing this. And for the ones, like me, who did this for any reason other than this being their dream, I want to say, now is your turn. Play for your own team.

Because, as I said before, the promise of money being worth the stake to loose the dream you actually have is fake.
You have proved yourself, you became an Engineer. So, now you don’t owe anyone, anything. You have chased their dream, but you don’t have to nourish it for the rest of your life too. Now, you can bat one for yourself as well.

Do not assume that, it’s too late for your turn, or that what you really want is impossibly out of reach and ridiculous to expect. Please, dare to ask the Universe for it. And don’t think about Failure. Because, You can always fail at what you don’t want to do, too. So you might as well take a chance at doing what you love.

When you walk out of the University today, I don’t want you to become invisible because of your need for acceptance. I don’t want you to loathe all these years or these decisions. I don’t want you to Regret Anything. I Don’t.

I WANT, that when you walk out the door today, you have the courage to go for that dream, you so unexpectedly, unknowingly pushed down for ‘stability’, or ‘society’. I WANT you to know that
You’re free.

I WANT that years later from now, You do not hesitate to look anyone in the eye and say that you chose to be an engineer, or a painter, or a musician, or a dancer, or a writer, or anything else that you truly passionately, heartily wanted to be.

I WANT, for you to be Happy. So, be what you ought to be. Beacause, I want you to actually discover Ecstasy.

Thank You!

*Thunderous applause, follows, as Kushagra, stands there, with literally dead silence in his ears, feeling so free that he’s finally accepted his mind, a giant weight lifts off. And he feels Immortal. Just then the claps, weigh in, and he still stands, this time in awe of this class he’s been so lucky to be a part of, this group of marvelous potential and the means to change the world for the better. And little does he know this relief, Is. Ecstasy.

Until, the next Hurdle.

R-4 On, First love

I dated a nerd. He understood stuff. I’m like that too, sometimes. Like, I do understand it. But, if you’re both nerds, it’s going to cancel out. It’s no fun. (Purely, my experience.) Not one of us knew what to do. It’s sad to think about it.

It’s easy to misunderstand a good friendship as Romance material.

And now you can never be the same again.

I’ve also dated the popular one. He and I didn’t talk much about that deep stuff but he and I did talk. He talked to me on the ride home while he drove back. It was sweet in a way. But, He and I weren’t: “I like you” though. You just know. It wasn’t what “IT” is like. And we mutually knew that.

Koreans give the concept of ‘First, Love‘ hugeeee importance, because that ‘First one’ is incomparable. After having ‘dated’ myself, I can tell, not one of those above, felt as real and still, something capable of making my heart flutter if a picture of him comes in front of me, as the one, who was First; and of course it goes back to school.

There’s just something about that one guy in class. Everyone knows him. He’s in the team. He’s not a nerd and also not stupid. He’s average like you but he does it so differently.

He enters a room and it starts shining. He’s the center and everything else is just background.

He’s that one guy you’ll never have, but need.

You want him to be the story you tell your kids. I mean, you can’t do better than that. He’s the perfect story. You see him there on the school ground in the sunlight and he’s smiling because they just did a goal and you; You have fainted in your heart.

But. The main thing is You don’t get any one of them. They all are only here to teach us something. And then they go, after there part is done. They’re all side characters, just twists. Everyone finds the ‘forever’ one. And you’ll thank all those before him, for everything they taught you. It does work out. Everyone gets there at a different time. It does work out. Soon. Real life is messy, but it does Happen.

Until the next twist.

To, Being BornFree

Sitting under a tree,
Probably watching the eagles,
Tears were rolling down my eyes
And for a very deep reason.

THIS time it had burst out,
THIS time I was loud.
People heard Drama brewing,
Hence, everybody started to gather around.

I didn’t say a word,
And so the crowd started to wander off.
Most of them were just curious men,
But only one was humble enough.

He came and sat next to me,
On the elevated turf.
He saw me when he was exciting,
That small White church.

I realised I wanted to talk now,
About my mom, and my dad.
The things they had done to me,
Oh, how I loathed them.

The humble man asked, after a pause,
“Would you like to talk to me?’
All I said was – “You don’t know how lucky you are,
That you were BORN FREE.”

He asked me tenderly,
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
I said – “I was sold to a guy,
During my Mom’s Pregnancy.”

Real Neat Blog Award

Hey, so I Was nominated for this award by the brilliant, ‘Pink Roses’ https://embookstuff.wordpress.com

Check her out! And follow!

The rules for this are listed at the end, Firstly I’d just like to answer her questions :

1. Tell me more about your blog; what motivated you to start?
I always used to do enjoy Creative Writing and had notebooks filled with poems and rants, being a very talkative person. One of my friends, recommended to to put all that content to use and post it online, so I did.

2. Off the blogs you’ve written, which do you like the best?
I think I like the poem To, The Streetlight, the best. The whole concept of the lights flickering showing the different beats of my heart, like happiness means it flickers faster, was beautiful to me. And the fact that only we can bear our heart and know what it feels just like no-one on the street could see that light but me, was par level.

3. How much time do you spend blogging or writing very day or week?
Honestly, I write a lot, whenever I think I have an idea. My notes are always Open. But I only post when I feel like it, so it doesn’t seem much. I’m hoping to make a content calender to get a little punctual and organised, though. Hopefully, soon.

4. How many bloggers do you follow?
I always follow back those who follow my blog, after running through their page, and it’s never let me down yet. But I follow more blogs than my followers, 156, to be precise.

6. What three things have I learned during lock down?
The first think I learned was, inner peace is being able to stay in a room without phone or net, and still being content. Secondly, I learned to choose words with caution, and be at ease in silence too. Being a talkative person, any silence was awkward silence to me. Even with my own family. And lastly, I’ve discovered calm. I hope, I mean.

6. Do you have a long list of books to read, music to hear?
Music, Music, and Music. It’s literally free therapy, to me.

Thank you, for the nomination, again. https://embookstuff.wordpress.com Appreciate it; it’s nice to have a friend.

My nominees are,








My questions:

  1. How much time to you spend blogging every day or week?
  2. Do you try to go and like other people’s blog, for discovering new ones?
  3. How did you start blogging?
  4. Who is your absolute favourite author/musician?
  5. Out of the blogs you’ve written, which one is your favourite?
  6. What other hobbies do you have, than writing?
  7. Give one piece of advice to those who might want to start blogging?

Here are the rules,

Put the award logo on your blog.

Answer the 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

Nominate any number of people linking to their blogs and let them know you nominated them by commenting on their blogs.

Come up with 7 questions for the people you nominated.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! Let us all be friends and discover new and more people.

R-3 On, Whalien 52

There is a whale out there, that calls at the frequency of 52 hertz. So, for those who don’t know, that’s too high, for whales. Therefore, It’s been described as the World’s Loneliest Whale. So, it swims alone. Alone in the vast vast ocean. Hoping that someday, another will answer. That maybe someday, finally a companion will rise.

Half the generation today feels the same. Like, they are calling at a place, no-one can hear. This feeling of loneliness has gotten imbedded into our minds. Half of it was because we glamorised depression.

Unknowingly, I hope.

I swear, out of 5 people I meet in a day, 3 claim that they’re sad. And, no-one understands them. And, that they’re alone. And, that they’re done.

You can ask them all you want, what happened, or “Hey, you can talk to me“. But, nobody is ever going to actually talk. You need close bonds to actually talk.

And, so I may say, “Hey, I’m here for you“, and even mean it. At the end they only need that one person they want to talk to; To care. And, sometimes they don’t even know WHO that is themselves. I saw everyone online going like we should all be kinder and nicer. And now, I think I get why.

You need to be kind because; You don’t know who’s special person you are. So, you must always be welcoming. That’s why we all need to be kind. For The chance of that one person who wants to talk, to actually, talk, given the chance.
Peace within, generates peace outside.

Until, the next generation.

To, Father’s Day

I remember the time when my mother had a Samsung Android, My brother and I had a One Plus and he… He still had a Nokia 5130. Chances are you wouldn’t even know what that phone is. “He” is all our fathers.

He gives up on his needs and necessities for our luxuries. He, all of a sudden, couldn’t care for new clothes, when it’s his birthday. But, you will not see him missing your gift on yours. Ever.

You can tell what was the best year for your father when he seems to freeze on a clothing style and decides to wear it out. He doesn’t get the glory of it at all, you know. He just watches from the sidelines. To put it bluntly…

He is forgotten.

One day is not enough to honor how special a father is. He’s amazing every day of the year. Yes, oh it’s fathers day! Let’s all put a photo with him online or put a story on something he doesn’t even use. That should be enough to show how much you appreciate him, right? No. It’s not!

Change your attitude. This is not how you tell someone you love them. I’m not saying buy him a gift. That’s his money. Besides not evrything can be bought with money. But, I’m also not saying that you need to give him a card reading “Please accept this as a token of my poverty.”

It should be visible in your eyes. Throughout the year. Not just for a day. Go and sit with him atleast, once in a while. Talk to him and even that will please him more than you’ll ever know. He’ll slip in a life lesson, if you put your heart in it and pay attention. His stories with his mates, his times, everything. He isn’t just someone with whom you live. He’s the blood that runs through your veins.

Pablo Neruda once wrote

I love you as certain dark things are to be loved. In secret, between the shadow and the soul.

That’s how a dad loves.

He’s someone we’ll always look up to,No matter how tall we grow. He’s, the First SuperHero, we ever know.

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