R-6 On, An Anthology

There are compilers, who make anthologies. Basically, a fancy word for a book. So, they have co-authors in it. And you send your poems to them, if they select it, they ask you to pay so that when the book is ready, they’ll send it to you.

I had sent two of my poems for them, and they got published. *pause for applause lol
Now, I was very hesitant to post anywhere about it online. Which is totally not how it should go. I should be moving mountains to brag about it. But, I just assumed people will just… I don’t know… Not support or something.

What if someone writes something mean? What if they feel, I’m showing off in high esteem? What if they call me out or mock my dream? What if? Maybe they go like, “It’s just a book, what’s she showing off about!”2 पोएम आयी नि प्रिन्ट होके, खुद को सेलिब्रिटी समझ रही है”
(She got 2 poems published and is acting like a celebrity)

I don’t know why I assumed the world to be so negative. (Now I have this answered too, but that is a whole other rant topic in itself!)

I told my closest circle about it obviously, and it felt amazing. They were sooo happy. They bragged about it to their friends, and nothing had ever felt so wholesome. My friends were proud man! They pushed me to be proud and share it everywhere. So, I did. And I’m so happy I listened to them.

Because, I saw many people cared. Not just the ones I count. The world is not all that bad. I was the problem. I was the negative one. Not everybody is trying to drag you down.

So, Believe. It’s important. The world is what you make of it. People do support. We’ve made not trusting people, cool. But, believe me, it’s not all bad if you actually open up.

Yes sometimes, it can go bad. But, you can’t just box yourself up. Life is all about ups AND the downs. You must have both. I learnt that.

May not seem much. Must’ve somewhere felt like an unnecessary story, but I believe it’s the little things. It’s always the little things. So, I just had to write it once, so that everytime I read it, it comes to me. And I believe.
Because it feels good.

Until, the next time I go all pessimistic.

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