To, a ROSE

Following are simple lines,
They’re written as they mean.
There’s no deeper feeling (or is there?),
No ulterior dreams.

The weather was all Sun no gloom,
I met you there alone.
Denim jacket and white soles,
I’ve written the day on stone.

The same clouds adorned the sky
When I woke up today.
A White rose is what I saw
I saw what the clouds made.

I wished you could be here again,
So, I wouldn’t be so alone.
This time. I’d buy you one,
As white as snow adorned.

To, the Snakes

I knew it when I was down,
That’s really the only time you can.
I tried to pick myself up,
I tried to stand again.

You left me there, It was so dark.
Alone. All alone In the darkness.
Oh how humane! The actual fall hurt less,
Lesser than your treacherous prospect.

It was hard, very hard.
You see the betrayal was just too much.
You were selfish, too selfish,
No words can ever be enough.

It’s funny how you’re pretend nice now,
It’s hilarious how you talk at my back.
It’s downright comical that you think,
I’m unaware of these facts.

But. I stood up again,
That’s all that is relevant.
You can try and you can pretend,
But, you couldn’t break my strength.

You can’t rely on other people,
Not always. if you ever can,
I trusted in you then.
I guess, My Fault to comprehend.

To, Lost Home

College lawn isn’t really a place to miss origins. Or is it? I don’t know. But, there’s something so satisfying about Nostalgia. How blessed are we to have something that makes saying goodbye soooo hard.

I had to leave home at 18 to get to college for higher education and I’ve established that, This. Was. It. Once you step out your house, there’s no going back. It’s done. We all have to go out someday, and that’s what makes it even more sad. It’s an inevitable doom. It’s wonderful to me, how leaving home is sooo sad for all, and yet we all do it.

Bickering grandparents. Dad’s constant call to mom. This beautiful, wonderful, fascinating, most true form of Love, right in my backyard, warming my eyes. It’s magical. Whenever I go back home, I feel rejuvenated. For obvious reasons.

There’s nothing more wholesome than seeing my dad standing on the station waiting for me to come back. Running with the train while it slows down on the platform so that he doesn’t miss getting my suitcase off himself. That shine, That glimmer his eyes show, has never changed. No matter how many times I return back, his love will stay the same.

That’s true love. That’s as real as it’s gonna get. So, cherish it. Live. Because once you’re out, you just don’t come back. You may come back for holidays or visits; But, there’s always ever going to be that suitcase waiting in the corner of the room, ready to be packed Anyday.

You’re never gonna get to stay.

To, The Lost Plans

Expectations are dangerous. You put your mind around them. You imbibe the feeling. There’s warmth. There’s love in them. And, that’s how they get you.

I have been lucky to find people, I can make plans with to start. Even this might seem a luxury to some. Well, we decided to watch a horror movie, sitting together, scaring the ones who’re afraid, eating Maggi and just having a good time in all. So, I let myself to get excited. I expected. Well, as they say,

Life is a RatTrap. And, I was caught.

The bait was to have a good time. And I had fallen for it. I spent my last days thinking on how awesome , it’s going to be. How wholesome we could all be. Oh How happy it seems.

Turns out, We couldn’t see the movie. And it’s okay. There were justified reasons and they were explained. But, what about the heart? How do you explain this to the heart? The heart doesn’t follow to the explanations and justifications, it works on will. How do I tell it to not feel bad? You can’t.

I could say something along the lines of positivity now, I could say something to make this a euphamised read; but let me be honest with you.

Sometimes, This failed plan, could just be the good that comes from wanting things in life. I learned, it’s okay. We can make another plan again. The main thing is not to give up even though you know that feeling of disappointment could be what you might feel. Do not give up on the plan just because it could fail. Trust in the plan because it could also be a success.

And always remember,

Disappointments are a part of life. But, sometimes they’re all their is.

They’re the worst memories we get. They’re the hardest to forget.

Casa Initials

This is the first one. This will be it. Forever remembered for some, some will just forget. It’ll be the first one. It’ll be it.

This is a diary. I’ll presume so, for effect. Soon, It will contain strong and powerful views and texts. But only today will be the first one, today will be It. There’s so many rants I’ve missed to present, there’s so much more I’ve lost in effect. I’m going to start tomorrow. No I’m going to start today.

I present you, the Casa Initials;

It’ll be relatable yet it’ll be unique. It’ll be simple yet it’ll be deep. It’ll be how I perceive.

It’ll be ME.

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